Pollux9+ Generation 3 - Powerboost

Pollux9+ Generation 3  -  Powerboost

The all-new Pollux9+ is the third generation in the series and now boasts more features than ever before. All versions of Pollux9+ Gen3 come with powerboost functionality, providing tremendous range of up to 805m with the spot beam version.

Opting for a Pollux9+ Strobe gives you multiple strobe light patterns to choose from, and you can synchronize them across multiple auxiliary lights! The new third generation is packed with functionality in a recognized design from Ledson!


Maximize light effortlessly

Discover Ledson's latest innovation: pulse-controlled powerboost that allows you to seamlessly switch between E-approved mode and our powerful Powerboost mode - all without even leaving your car. With a simple activation in three steps, you can immediately customize your driving experience as needed.


Options for everyone

Strobe Lights - With the Pollux9+ Gen3's strobe light function, we take flexibility to the next level. Choose from five different patterns and synchronize them seamlessly. Customize the lighting to your preferences and maximize your visibility and safety on the road.

Light Pattern - Choose between Driving Beam for a balanced light pattern that complements your vehicle's headlights, or Spot Beam for a powerful and focused beam of light that effectively illuminates the road ahead of you.


The right color temperature for all settings

Experience safety and comfort on a whole new level with the cool white 5000K color temperature from Pollux9+ Gen3. With just the right color temperature, contrasts increase and the risk of glare decreases, making every journey safer and more pleasant. Discover obstacles along the road with ease and create a safer environment for yourself and others on the road.


It's as simple as "10+10+5"

See how easy it is to switch between powerboost and standard mode with Ledson's pulse-controlled powerboost



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