Parking light and side markers

Parking light and side markers

LED-bulbs for parking lights and side markers

If you aren't sure on what LED-bulb you need for your vehicle, you can remove your current bulb, and compare it to the appearance of the one's we're selling here. There's also usually an index of bulbs used in your vehicle's manual that you can refer to. 

With our LEDs for parking lights and side markers, you can easily switch to longer lasting, cooler looking, more energy efficient light bulbs. You'll go from a yellowish hue, to a cool and fresh ice cold white. According to current regulations, only white and yellow colours are allowed to be seen from the front of a vehicle on a public road, so any other colour is purely for cosmetic styling or interior. Side markers on your truck or bus or machine should be yellow, and any lights backwards red.


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  1. Position light with reflector (Red)
    Position light with reflector (Red)
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    €33.89 €27.11
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    ✓ Superthin position light, only 10,4 mm deep
    ✓ E-rated: E20, 12-24V
    IP66/68 with reflector

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