Auxiliary lights

Auxiliary lights

Our range consists of three types of extra lights. Can be bought individually or in packages. Classic halogen lamp, LED lamp and xenon lamp. There is a clear noticeable difference between these three lamps, of which price, power and longevity are the most noticeable.

The advantage of the halogen lamp as an extra light is that it has a warm and pleasant light and fast ignition time. Halogen lamps also emit heat, which can be good if the headlight is covered with snow and ice.

The advantage of extra light LEDs is that these are available with different light images depending on which light image is requested. LED has an almost instantaneous ignition time and a modern white, sharp glow with a very precise precision. Extra lights of the LED type normally have a cold white light (normally called xenon white or 6000K) with fantastic service life and are very shock resistant.

Our xenon lamps shine far with a sharp light image. The color temperature is normally white to clear blue and the lamp has a long life. The xenon lamp requires a few seconds of ignition time to reach full brightness.

Extra light with a halogen lamp gives a light image with warm, nice light and very short ignition time. Choosing xenon as a light source allows you to get bright light from lamps that last a long time. If you choose extra light LED instead, you get a nice and cold white light with virtually non-existent ignition time and also a very long service life.

Whatever you choose, it is good to think about how much you drive, in what environment / on which roads you usually drive, what kind of light image and color temperature you like.

All lamps are basically just as easy to assemble and start using. However, energy consumption varies where extra light LED is the lamp that draws the least power and xenon is more efficient than halogen.

The diode housing has up to 5 years warranty & customer satisfaction guarantee

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  1. Lightforce Striker Pro LED 150mm
    Lightforce Striker Pro LED 150mm
    Soon in stock
    €290.79 /piece €232.63 /piece
    Retailer price €290.79 /piece Retailer price €232.63 /piece
    €290.79 €232.63
    Lightforce logo

    ✓ Effectful light in a small package
    Barely 15 cm wide
    ✓ 15 high quality LumiLED

    NOTE: Order item, expect 3-5 days delivery

  2. Lightforce Genesis Pro LED 210mm
    Lightforce Genesis Pro LED 210mm
    Soon in stock
    €5,495.00 €4,396.00
    Retailer price €5,495.00 Retailer price €4,396.00
    €5,495.00 €4,396.00
    Lightforce logo

    Amazing 1 Lux at 1119 meters per pair!
    With a pair of Genesis Pro you get 15540 lumens
    CISPR25 and IP69K-certified

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