Xenon bulbs and conversion kits

Xenon bulbs and conversion kits

Xenon bulbs and xenon accessories

With xenon bulbs (high intensity discharge bulbs) from Diodhuset you'll get a very effecient and good looking lighting for your car or truck. Here you'll find everything from complete conversion kits, to OEM-bulbs from Osram, to complete auxiliary lights with built-in xenon light! We aim to be as good on xenon bulbs and light as we are on diodes and LEDs. 

When you're converting your car from halogen bulbs to xenon bulbs, you need to take the following in consideration:

  • What socket is right for my car ? (Check guides or your car's manual)
  • Does my car notify/warn me that I have a broken bulb? If yes - choose a CANBUS kit

If you're converthing the dipped beam on your car, also consider the following:

  • If you have socket H7 or H1 but lack a lens (looks like a fish eye or magnifying glass), you need to use the H7R or H1R to avoid blinding oncoming traffic
  • In order for the modified lamp to be street legal, your dipped beam lamp needs to be equipped with high pressure washer and automatic height adjustment (only for dipped beam, not for high beam)
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