LED conversion of xenon

LED conversion of xenon

Ledson Xtreme DX are replacement lamps for high beam and low beam for original xenon, which means that xenon is replaced with LED. The light in these lamps is up to 220% stronger than in original xenon lamps and gives a much better light image. The lifespan of the lamps is also considerably better in Xtreme DX as the lifespan increases from about 3,000 hours in the original xenon to 30,000 hours in LED conversion.

The installation of Xtreme DX in a vehicle is as simple as making a "regular" lamp change as the product is connected directly to the vehicle's original ballast (Plug and Play).


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  1. Xtreme DX 24V LED for xenon and halogen headlights
    Xtreme DX 24V LED for xenon and halogen headlights
    From €121.29 From €97.03
    Retailer price From €121.29 Retailer price From €97.03
    From €121.29 €97.03

    Xtreme DX LED headlight bulbs for 24V 
    Convert original xenon or halogen to LED
     Stronger light, longer service life, faster ignition time

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