Warning- and emergency lights

Blixt- och Varningsljus

Make people aware of your vehicle with our LED warning lights!

Warning and emergency lights for all purposes and all events. There's several advantages with using LED warning lights over other types of lights: LED-lamps isn't affected by the rapid flashing (and therefor have a very long life: up to 50 000 hours!), they're very power effecient and doesn't generate much heat. If you're unsure what you need, ask us! We'll gladly help you out!


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  1. Emergency flasher LED (orange/blue)
    Emergency flasher LED (orange/blue)
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    Retailer price From €18.89 Retailer price From €15.11
    From €18.89 €15.11
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    Several different flash patterns
    A must have in the vehicle, a real lifesaver 
    Waterproof, extremely durable

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