Mega fuses

Mega fuses


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  1. Megafuse fuses (60 to 200A)
    Megafuse fuses (60 to 200A)
    From €9.19 From €7.35
    Retailer price From €9.19 Retailer price From €7.35
    From €9.19 €7.35
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    Fuses that are intended for e.g. inverters
    From 60A up to 200A

  2. Fuse holder Megafuse (up to 500A)
    Fuse holder Megafuse (up to 500A)
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    €10.19 €8.15
    Retailer price €10.19 Retailer price €8.15
    €10.19 €8.15
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    Holder for fuses up to 500A
    M8 bolts
    For battery and generator connections etc.

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