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At Diodhuset we have a wide range of LED bars from Lazer. What kind of beam pattern attracts you, a LED bar in the comfort class or a mini monster? Or maybe something in between? Triple-R is a new series of light bars from Lazer that provide a more focused and narrow light flux (spot) compared to previous product series, which now also focuses the floodlight to the sides closer to the vehicle.

  LED bars are ideally suited as auxilliary lights but also as good as work lights. A light bar with LED can be a cheeky detail on the car and clearly gives you a better view if you are driving in the dark. Choose a beam pattern according to your needs, what type of vehicle you have or simply the light ramp you think is the best! Are you unsure? Contact us at Diodhuset for more help and information.


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  1. Lazer LED-bar Linear 36
    Lazer LED-bar Linear 36
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    €886.29 €709.03
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     E-marked ECE R112 with aerodynamic design
     Standard - 1 lux at 470 meters
     Slimline Range - 982 mm wide, 40 mm high

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