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Some car models, especially newer ones, are equipped with a warning system for broken bulbs. These warning systems monitors your car's power consumption, and since LEDs consumes so little power, the system thinks that the bulb must be broken. It is possible to ignore this, but you can also solve it by adding resistors (SKU: 1205 or 1221). This will increase the consumption, and fooling the car. You can also use our CANBUS-bulbs, that have built in resistors to increase the power consumption. Ask us for advice if you're unsure! If you're replacing flashers or turn signal bulbs with LEDs, you'll notice that the signal will become too quick and flash many times a second. To avoid this, you need to add resistors (SKU 1221) or change your flasher relay (mostly on older cars). The lifespan of the diode will get shorter if it's exposed to high temperatures above 80C. Most of our LED-bulbs are - Diodlampan är polarity dependant, which means that the bulb will only work if the poles on the lamp matches the orientation on the socket. If the poles are reversed and unmatched, the lamp won't work. If you experience this, try turning the lamp so the contacts swap places.


Our diodes are shock and shake proof, and are thus perfect for parking lamps in auxiliary lamps or working lamps. When you're using LEDs, it's important to remember to use the same colour on the bulb as the glas of your lamp, i.e. red diodes for brake and rear lighting, and so on.


Enhance the look of your car to a really low cost. Gives it a modern look, especially during dusk, dawn and night. As parking lamps, our LEDs really matches your car's xenon lamps.
Power consumption
If you forget to turn off your parking lamps, you might be unable to start your car the next time. With LEDs, that risk is very slim!


By using energy efficient LEDs, your battery will become charged quicker and thus last longer.
Fuel consumption
A LED-bulb consumes between 10 and 15 times less power than a regular bulb with the same light output. The power in your car isn't free - a generator is required. The more power your car use, the more fuel it will consume. Investing in low consumption LED-bulbs will thus make your car consume less power.


A diode bulb is ignited between 100 to 1000 times quicker than a regular bulb. This is especially important when it comes to braking light. When you're driving at speeds of 110 km/h, and apply the brakes, the car behind you will notice this up to 6 meters earlier. At 80 km/h, this means 4 meter earlier.

Burn time

You neednt worry about the LEDs' burn time. They last up to 50 times longer than a regular bulb at optimal conditions (up to 100 000 hours!). You can save lots of time and money by investing in LEDs rather than ordinary bulbs.

Advantages of LEDs

The LED-bulbs from Diodhuset have totally different charachteristics than incandescent bulbs. LEDs, or light emitting diodes, have been around for some time, but only recently been powerful enough to be used in traffic. Most of these LED-bulbs are also mounted on sockets that's already in use, making retrofit easy and quick. All of our LEDs are intended to be used on vehicles and are marked with the intended voltage range.
LED-bars and auxiliary lamps with LEDs
LEDs / diodes are the light source in all of our LED-bars (also called LED ramps, LEDbars, and so forth). See our range of LED-bars here! We also stock auxiliary lamps with LEDs, as well as Xenon auxiliary lamps and lamps with halogen bulbs. Find our range of auxiliary lamps here!