LED & xenon lights for cars

At Diodhuset you will find a large selection of all kinds of lighting and auxiliary lights, both with LEDs and xenon as light source. Wether you need to replace a bulb that has broken or if you want a more modern, fresher look for the exterior of your car, you can find something you like in our categories, ranging from high beam and low beam to license plate lighting. Even the bulbs in the car dashboard needs to be replaced sometimes, and you'll find a large range LEDs for that application as well in our categories.

Perhaps you're looking for work lights? Diodhuset has big range of flood lights with LEDs that's perfect for your need, and helps you work in a professional and safe manner. If you're having any doubts on what lights you're in need of or unsure of which bulb is right for your car, then use our lamp guide to find the recommended bulbs for your car. If you need more help, you can always call our customer service, +46 42-453 33 30 or send us an email to!