EPIX SLIM - A new generation from the Epix family

EPIX SLIM - A new generation from the Epix family

Powerful LED - lighting in an ultra-slim design.

Discover the new Epix Slim from Ledson, a series of sleek ramps with impressive power and style. Precision-engineered to complement today's modern vehicles, its slim profile and compact size make it perfect for those seeking performance without compromising aesthetics.


Pulse-Controlled Powerboost - It doesn't get smoother than this

Epix Slim offers maximized performance, combined with a pulse-controlled Powerboost that provides an extra power mode for those moments when you need maximum illumination. With Ledson's new generation of Powerboost, switching between the standard E-approved mode and the Powerboost mode is easily done with just a few simple steps.

It's as simple as 10-10-5   -   Se video här


The perfect light!

The Epix Slim is equipped with the advanced driving beam light pattern, which provides an optimal illumination for the road ahead, where each reflector is carefully designed to deliver a light pattern that mimics and enhances the vehicle's existing headlights. In other words, you get both longer reach and wider light, perfect for all situations.

Driving beam, combined with a color temperature of 5000K, which provides optimal light, makes it easier to see everything in front of you. The color temperature enhances safety by highlighting contours and colors in the best possible way when traveling in darkness.


Discover more about the various lengths of Epix Slim and their outstanding performance

Epix Slim is available in four different lengths to suit your needs. From the compact 11-inch model to the longer 37-inch model, each version offers impressive brightness and functionality.

EPIX11 Slim - 11" 54W Powerboost

EPIX21 Slim - 21" 108W Powerboost

EPIX31 Slim - 31" 162W Powerboost

EPIX37 Slim - 37" 198W Powerboost