Ledson Epix14+ Work Strobe – The Ultimate Work LED-Bar

Ledson Epix14+ Work Strobe – The Ultimate Work LED-Bar

Ledson delivers the Ultimate work light bar

Epix14+ Work Strobe – en banbrytande arbetsljusramp från Epix-serien. Med en imponerande ljusbredd på 120° och en färgtemperatur på 5000K, levererar Epix14+ Work Strobe den optimala ljusstyrkan för att effektivt belysa med både kraft och elegans.

The bar is equipped with specially designed reflectors from the Epix series, providing a dynamic ignition of the position light. This feature creates an impressive motion where the light elegantly moves from one side of the bar to the other before reaching full illumination. Additionally, you can choose between the colors yellow/orange and red for the position light, both of which are approved according to ECE R148.


The Epix14+ Work Strobe offers an impressive selection of 10 different flash light patterns, one of which is officially approved according to the ECE R65 standard. This wide variety enables outstanding flexibility.

By easily combining two work light bars, the unit allows for both synchronized and unsynchronized flash patterns, providing sophisticated control over the lighting functions to optimize safety and visibility in a variety of work environments.


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