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EPIX14+ Work Strobe LED bar 14" 120W

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✓ Work bar with exclusive design and high performance
✓ Integrated position light, selectable red or yellow/orange
✓ Wide light dispersion and R65-approved strobe light

Treat yourself to the best. The Epix+ series stands out from the crowd with a uniquely designed, sporty aesthetic, developed with today's modern vehicles in mind. EPIX14+ Work strobe is a work bar with approved R65 strobe lights that ensure your visibility. Choose between red or yellow-orange position light.

EPIX14+ Work Strobe is the work light bar that offers a modern look and has the performance to meet all conditions. With its impressive 120W, this bar provides a work light with a range of 119m at 1 lux and a wide 120° wide light pattern, giving you maximum light coverage over a large area. With 7,300 actual lumens and a color temperature of 5000K, it provides strong and natural illumination that facilitates work in all conditions. Ledsons smart brackets ensure mounting practically anywhere and however you want on the vehicle.


Position Lights

The bar features Epix series specially designed reflectors with dynamic ignition of the position lights. The color of the position lights is also selectable between yellow/orange and red, which is also approved for road use.


Strobe Lights

The Epix14+ Work Strobe is equipped with 10 different strobe patterns, one of which is ECE R65-approved. By easily connecting two units together, you can achieve both synchronous and asynchronous flash patterns between them. Use your Epix14+ Work Strobe LED light bar as a work light or reverse light (not R23 approved); the strobe turns off when activated and then resumes your previously selected flashing pattern immediately when you turn off the work light again.


What more is needed?

  • DT-relay: We strongly recommend using our cable harness with 1 x 6-pin DT (part no. 7801006). Ledson Connect provides a super easy connection while being interconnectable if there is a future desire to easily expand with additional lights or bars


Features and technical data:

  • Position light with unique dynamic ignition, integrated in the reflector
  • Selectable position light in red or yellow/orange
  • 120° wide light pattern
  • Range: 119 m (1 lux)
  • 9'800 lumens (theoretical), 7'300 lumens (actual)
  • Color temperature 5000K (Neutral White)
  • 120 W (8 x 15 W LEDs)
  • Voltage: 9-36V
  • IP69K (water/dustproof)
  • Aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens
  • Side reflective optics
  • Pressure equalization membrane
  • Electronic heat management
  • DT connector (supplied)
  • 7,1A at 12V and 3,5A at 24V
  • E-marked ECE R148 (R1, SM1), R65 och R10 (EMC rated)




Dimensions & weight (excl mounting):

  • Width: 357 mm
  • Height: 43 mm
  • Depth: 61 mm
  • Weight: 1,2 kg


Flash patterns:

  1. Single flash synchronization: 2.2HZ
  2. Single flash asynchronous: 2.2HZ (when using 2 LED bars)
  3. Triple flash synchronization: 1.1HZ
  4. Triple flash asynchronous: 1.1HZ (when using 2 LED bars)
  5. Quadruple flash synchronization: 1.25HZ
  6. Quadruple flash asynchronous: 1.25HZ (when using 2 LED bars)
  7. Combination of one long and five short synchronization: 0.83HZ
  8. Combination of one long and five short asynchronous: 0.83HZ (when using 2 LED bars)
  9. Burst flash synchronization: 10HZ
  10. Burst flash asynchronous: 10HZ (when using 2 LED bars)


NOTE: The DT connector must not be cut as it entails an increased risk of moisture damage and the warranty then ceases to apply. 

Technical information
Functions Position light, Reverse light, Strobe light
Manufacturer Ledson
Height 43mm
Dispersion 120°
Use of power 120 W (8 x 15 W LED)
Width 357mm
Light flux 9800 lumen (teoretiska), 7300 lumen (faktiska)
Depth 61mm
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