Ledson Epix20+ combines what you want and what you need

Ledson Epix20+ combines what you want and what you need

Epix20+ is the latest product innovation from Ledson, where the unique design draws inspiration from the latest automotive design trends. The position light has a dynamic ignition, fully integrated into the reflector - a world-unique feature. With Epix+, you ensure your visibility and safety in all weather conditions and times during the day.

The new LED bar from Ledson stands out from the crowd with a carefully developed design that resembles the design language you see on today's modern vehicles. Integrated into the reflector, you find the white or yellow/orange dynamic position light. The light moves dynamically from side to side before fully illuminating.

Ledson Epix20+ with positionlights in xenon white and orange.

The maximized performance in E-approved mode allows Epix+ 20" to reach 458 meters at 1 lux, and 530 meters at 1 lux with Powerboost activated. Powerboost "off-road" can be easily turned on or off via a switch on the back of the light bar.

For those who need and want to be extra visible on the road, Epix20+ is available with an integrated R65-approved strobe light – Epix20+ Strobe. Both Epix20+ and Epix20+ Strobe are IP69 rated, with electronic thermal management and pressure equalization membranes. Ledson's smart, self-developed brackets ensure mounting almost anywhere on the vehicle.

Ledson Epix20+ Strobe with positionlights in orange.

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