OptoLine S+ is so much more than just a position light

OptoLine S+ is so much more than just a position light

Ledson OptoLine S+ is a position light with selectable light in orange or xenon white. It is specially designed to replace the original position light in the sun visor on Scania trucks manufactured between 1995 and 2016. The product can also be connected to the indicators or used as a warning light. Together with a clean design, OptoLine S+ gives older Scania models a more modern impression.

In addition to position light, OptoLine S+ can also be used by connecting to the indicators. The built-in function of a shorter time delay eliminates the risk of the white position light igniting while the orange light is being used. By connecting a remote-controlled relay box, for example Ledson Commander, or a strobe controller to the position light, it can also be used as a warning light.

Ledson OptoLine S+ with position light in xenonwhite light.

OptoLine S+ was developed to create a more appealing appearance for trucks in the 4 series, P/G/R and T series manufactured by Scania between 1995 and 2016. The position light, with its fiber optic line, can be compared to the light located in the sun protection of Scania's new S-series. This makes it possible for older Scania models to have the same appearance in their position lights as on more modern trucks.

The position light is easy to mount as it fits the original connector that is in the truck.

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