Ledson Light Award 2023 (Skåne Truck Show)

Ledson Light Award 2023 (Skåne Truck Show)

Skåne Truck Show Broke their record this year with the number of participants, wich was well over 1000 trucks. The number of visitors was also over 4,000 more than the previous year, so the interest is now greater and stronger than ever. We were there to judge one of Europe's biggest light shows- LEDSON Light Award!

The winner of LEDSON Light Award 2023 
'Simon Lundman - Lundmans Djurtransporter AB'  with  'No time to die'

The motivation: 
"With a steady focus on meticulously thought-out highlights and details that leave very little else to be desired. It doesn't matter from which angle you see this truck; with the right to be seen, it's hard not to be left speechless in admiration."
(translated from swedish)

Winner of Ledson Light Awards 2023
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Event Video from Skåne Truck Show

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  • You can read more about the Ledson Light Award in this article from Trailer- "Sveriges största ljusshow" (The article is in swedish so translating the page is suggested)
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Ledson Light Award winner 2023