Ledson Epix+: Innovation for Increased Visibility and Style

Ledson Epix+: Innovation for Increased Visibility and Style

Ledson continues to modernize the industry with Epix+, the latest innovation that merges unique design with the latest trends in the automotive world. Now introducing lengths of 14” and 30”, in addition to the existing 20”, to complement and meet the rising demand from both enthusiasts and professionals in the market.

Take command of the road with impressive performance from Epix14+ and Epix30+. Epix14+ offers a range of 328 meters at 1 lux (459 meters at 1 lux with Powerboost), while Epix30+ extends up to an impressive 458 meters at 1 lux (an astounding 672 meters at 1 lux with Powerboost). For maximum visibility on the road, both lengths are also available with R65-approved strobe lights – Epix14+ Strobe and Epix30+ Strobe.

Ledson pushes the boundaries with advanced innovation and functionality. Epix14+ is perfect for dual mounting on passenger cars with centrally mounted radar and/or sensors in the front, as well as for trucks with a center ridge. It's now possible to link two Epix14+ units to blink asynchronously or synchronously with both position lights and strobe lights. On the other hand, Epix30+ provides a perfect fit and confident design, delivering a driving experience unlike any other for truck drivers.


- Ledson Epix+ started as an innovative light bar, but has now evolved into a groundbreaking series of LED light bars that encompass everything you desire and more – all crafted with top-notch quality and design! Its technical specifications outperform competitors by a mile. With the Epix+ series, we are setting a new standard in the market, says Magnus Henriksson, Head of Product Development.

Experience impressive performance and revolutionize your driving experience to new heights with the Epix+ series. Featuring 10 different strobe patterns, Epix+ Strobe allows you to customize your visibility on the road according to your specific needs.

Epix+ isn't just an LED light bar - it's a revolution within the automotive industry.