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Holder for LED bars Juno, Apollo, Orbix+

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Flexible, concealed mounting behind the license plate
Metal with powder-coated black paint for protection against water, salt and dirt
Fits Juno, Juno C, Apollo C, Orbix+

Adjustable mounts so you can easily attach your curved bar.

The holder is specially adapted for the Ledson bar:

Juno LED-bar 21.5" 90W (E-marked, Driving Beam) (art no. 33501859)
Juno C LED-bar 22" 90W (Curved, Driving Beam) (art no. 33501852)
Apollo C LED-bar 21" 105W (Curved, Driving Beam) (art no. 33501572)
Orbix+ LED-ramp 21" 90W (art no 33501855)

NOTE: The holder is tailored to these particular bars and we can not guarantee that it fits any other bar than those listed above.

More Information
Manufacturer Ledson
Warranty 12 Månader
Polarity dependent No
Elektronisk värmekontroll (ETM) No
Pressure equalization membrane No
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