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XCU1150 CanBus auxiliary relay cabling (for cars with active high beam)

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 To control your auxiliary light with the CAN signal of the high beam
 For newer cars with active high beams (eg adaptive LED headlights)
 Model-adapted software, high quality components

XCU1150 CanBus auxiliary light relay wiring is a Swedish-made digital auxiliary lighting wiring with smart software that works together with modern cars' CAN-Bus controlled adaptive LED high beams, bi-xenon etc. The XCU1150 meets the car industry's quality requirements for retrofitted electronics and the components maintain exactly the same high quality as the car's original equipment.

This relay cable is mounted in the engine compartment, or alternatively in the wheelhouse of some cars. This means that the data reader is thus not mounted inside the passenger compartment and pulled through the firewall. Connection takes place by finding the correct CAN cables (see the installation instructions) and soldering the XCU 1150's connection cables together.

Which cars does the XCU1150 work on?
Click here to see the entire list of cars where XCU1150 works (PDF)

What more is needed for installation?
This kit contains a smart digital relay, fuse and power cable with a two-pole DT connector that fits LED bars, ie everything required for the electrical connection.

Installation instructions
XCU 1150 installation Part 1

XCU 1150 installation Part 2

Maximum allowable load is 13A (156W at 12v). At higher loads, a separate relay must be installed.

  • Can Hi: White
  • Can Low: Yellow


Switch off the auxiliary light without a switch in the passenger compartment

The unit's software has a built-in function to deactivate the auxiliary light, completely without the need for a switch to be mounted in the vehicle's interior.

Do the following:

- Switch off the high beam (if activated)
- Wait at least five seconds
- Blink ten times with the high beam within five seconds
- Wait until the auxiliary light comes on after one second - The unit is now in programming mode
- To deactivate (or reactivate) the auxiliary light, flash briefly once with the high beam
- To exit programming mode again, wait a few seconds until the auxiliary light goes out. Then flash ten times with the high beam within five seconds
- The auxiliary light flashes once to confirm that the unit has exited the programming mode. Done!

More Information
Warranty 12 Månader
Voltage 12 V
Manufacturer NA
Use of power Max tillåten belastning är 13A (156W vid 12v)
Unit st
Cable length Till DT: 1000mm, Gul/vit: 990mm, Röd: 1300, Blå: 1000mm, Svart: 600mm, Brun: 980mm.
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