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Cannect M8-HIGHBEAM-3 (for cars with active high beam)

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 When you want to control auxiliary lighting with the high beam
 For newer cars that do not have a plus signal
 12V out at high beam, parking light, +15 ignition

Interface for installing auxiliary lights, parking lights and getting an ignition plus (+15) on cars and work vehicles that do not have a plus signal for these signals, such as newer cars with xenon or LED headlights. This canbus interface listens for high beam signal, parking light and ignition (+15) in the car's canbus system and then converts the data signal to analog plus signals (+ 12V) which can be used together with a separate relay cable, a "regular" classic auxiliary light cable e.g. our DT relay.

NOTE! This interface is usually connected inside the car's passenger compartment with the existing cables. The location for this differs between different car models and can be at the steering wheel, the diagnostic socket, behind the stereo, behind the glove compartment etc. We recommend that the installation is done by a technician.


Connection of the different cables:

Red: +12V constant
Black: Ground
White: CAN High
Blue: CAN Low
Brown: Gives +12V when high beam is on (preferably the signal cable from the auxiliary light relay is connected to this)
Purple: Gives +12V when ignition +15 is on
Green: Gives +12V when the parking light is on


Function check:

It is very important that the interface is connected in accordance with the instructions that apply to each car model.
The interface has a hidden LED next to the connector that indicates the status.

LED flashes red: Contact CAN Bus and checking vehicle status

LED lights up green: Contact with Can bus and the vehicle is identified

LED lights up red: Contact with CAN Bus but the vehicle is not identified. Check the connection points against the instructions.

Additional possible causes of errors are reversed CAN Bus, High to Low and vice versa, broken interface or poor power supply.

NOTE: When changing the connection point, the power supply to the interface must be disconnected.

Technical information
Warranty 12 Months
Manufacturer NA
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