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CANNECT Interface for main-beam signal (auxiliary light)

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 When you want to control auxiliary light with the main beam
 For cars with combined high and dipped Xenon or LED
 Only for 12V

Connect to auxiliary light with canbus interface 

Used when you wish to control auxiliary lights, LED bars or similar with the main beam and the car only supplies a power pulse to start the main beam and not a constant current (if you have a combined xenon for full and dipped beam).

Connect according to separate schedule (inform us through the comment field at the checkout which car is to be mounted on). Follow the instructions carefully and if you are unsure - contact us or ask a workshop.

Sold separately, enough for one car.


More detailed description CANNECT interface for:

Canbus interface that provides a high beam signal +12 Volts and is connected to a relay cable set for LED auxiliary light, Xenon auxiliary light or LED ramp.

CANNECT identifies the high beam signal when it is connected to the car's ODB port (diagnostic port). A CANNECT interface is required especially in the later year models of vehicles that have LED lighting where both low beam and high beam consist of LED headlights.

Some modern vehicles have difficulty connecting the relay cable's signal cable to the 12-volt positive cable for the high beam and thus take control current, which in turn gives a signal to the auxiliary light or LED ramp. When such a problem occurs, however, use a Canbus interface and connect it to the vehicle's canbus. From this interface, +12 volts are delivered which are connected to the relay cable's signal cable +12 volts. This lights up the auxiliary light or LED ramp.


Description CAN Bus interface "HIGH BEAM" function

When the high beam is on, it gives +12 volts and the relay cable set to work without problems when extra light or LED ramp is connected.

(Feel free to take a screenshot of the wiring diagram as it can only be opened three times)

Link to CANM8 CANNECT App (App Store)

Link to CANM8 CANNECT App (Google Play)

Connection of the different cables:

Red: +12 Volts constant
Black: Earth (minus)
White: CAN High
Blue: CAN Low
Purple: Gives +12 Volts when the high beam is on, this is connected to the relay cable's signal cable +12 Volts

Function check

NOTE: It is very important that CANNECT is connected according to the schedule that applies to your particular car model. The interface has a hidden LED next to the connector that indicates its status:

LED flashes red: Contact CAN Bus and check vehicle status.

LED lights up green: Contact with CAN Bus and the vehicle is identified

LED lights up red: Contact with CAN Bus but the vehicle is not identified. Check the connection points against the instructions.

More possible causes of errors are reverse CAN Bus, High to Low and vice versa, broken interface or poor power supply.

NOTE! When changing the connection point, the power supply to the interface must be cut off.

Technical information
Color Purple
Warranty 12 Months
Voltage 12 V
Manufacturer NA
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