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Commander Gen2 remote controlled relay box

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€319.89 €255.91
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Programmable control panel with remote (12-24V)
Commander Gen2 relay box with 8 individual outputs
Control with app or RGB backlight controller

Ledson Commander Gen2 lets you switch on and off LED bars, auxiliary lights, work lights, etc. and turn on and off other devices at the touch of a button! 2nd generation Commander is now upgraded with a memory that remembers your settings even after you turn off the ignition/vehicle.

Programmable control panel with 8 individual outputs, controls up to 8 units separately or together. A control with RGB selectable backlight included (with 2.5 meter cable) but you can also use a free app for Android or Apple.

Ledson Commander has a direct input (yellow cable) to be able to control the LED bar/auxiliary lights etc via the vehicle's analogue high beam signal/high beam bulb. Works with 12V / 24V with MosFet / electronic relays, app support for control via Bluetooth, protection against overheating, overload, short circuit and polarity protection.

See instructions here (PDF)

See pressrelease here (blog)

Included: Relay box with remote control, battery wiring, fuses, 50 different symbols / stickers to attach to the remote control, bracket with screws for relay box and remote control, assembly instructions.


More information:

1. Max total current: 60A (720W at 12V, 1440W at 24V).
2. 8 individually programmable switches.
3. The maximum total current of this device is 60A.
4. Maximum current per output at 12V:
- Output fuses 1 and 5 is 30A - activated when yellow cable receives power
- Output fuses 2 and 6 is 20A
- Output fuses 3 and 7 is 10A
- Output fuses 4 and 8 is 5A
- If the output has been overloaded, a red LED will indicate next to the blown fuse
5. The maximum power of an output should not be more than 300W (25A @ 12V)
6. Built-in Bluetooth for app control.
7. Protection against overheating, overload, short circuit, polarity protection.
8. Direct high beam control to circuit 1 and circuit 5.
9. Programmable icons.
10. Backlit switches with selectable backlight color.
11. LED indication for overload/broken fuse.
12. Each switch can be programmed for three different functions:
- Switch between On/Off
- Switch between On/Off as long as the button is pressed
- Strobe function

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Warranty 36 Months
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