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Hydra60 angled work light 60W

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 Diffused beam pattern - for ultimate width all the way!
 Hydra60 is angled with 6 strong 10W Osram LEDs
 "Best light pattern" Trailer magazine!

"BEST LIGHT PATTERN!" TRAILER MAGAZINE NR 2 2021: "A really wide, low and even light pattern. The best light for those who want a lot of light near the vehicle. A work light with a special design where the six diodes are angled at three different angles. Light weight and with a neutral color tone."

Ledson Hydra60 is a unique work light that, thanks to its three-step angle, provides a 120 degree super-wide light! Its beam pattern is called "diffused" which means that the width of the light is great from the start, compared to flood beam patterns whose width comes later, further away in the light.

For those who want wide light all the way!



  • Angled work light with “3 in 1” optical system
  • EMC-secured CISPR25 Class 5 & R10
  • 120 ° diffuse beam pattern (wide light)
  • Lumen: 5600 (theoretical)
  • Cold white light (5700K)
  • Range 176 m (0.25 lux), 88 m (1 lux)


Technical data:

  • 6 x 10 W OSRAM LED
  • IP69K: waterproof and can withstand high pressure water
  • 4.2 A at 12 V and 2.1 A at 24 V
  • Electronic heat management
  • Durable aluminum casing and polycarbonate lens
  • Built-in DT connector
  • Works at 9-36V


Dimensions & weight:

  • Width: 137 mm
  • Height: 90 mm (125 mm incl. Bracket / bracket)
  • Depth: 68 mm
  • Weight: 832g
Technical information
Color Xenon white
Warranty 36 Months
Manufacturer Ledson
Unit st
Height 90 mm (125 mm inkl. fäste/brakett)
Dispersion Array
Width 137 mm
Light flux 5600 lumen
Depth 68 mm
Number of contacts 1 x DT-connector
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