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DT relay with button 24V (1, 2 or 4 x DT connector)

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 24V relay for auxiliary light or LED bar
 ON / OFF with button or in conjunction with main-beam (automatic)
 Also works for vehicles with Canbus and 12V

24 V

Relay with DT connector and button for easy connection of auxiliary light or LED bar. An external light or an LED bar only needs one DT connector. Two lights require two DT connectors, etc.

How does it work?

Control your auxiliary light with the power button conveniently located inside the vehicle or by connecting directly to the main beam (the external light will automatically light when you switch to your main beam and turn off when turning back to the dipped beam). Open instructions (PDF)

More information

Approximately three meters of cable from the splitting station: from the connection to the battery, there is a three-meter cord to the button that can be conveniently placed inside the vehicle and three meters of cord to the aux light.


  • Works both for 24V and 12V (two relays included)
  • Fuse included
  • Up to 80A
  • Works with vehicles both with and without Canbus
  • Choose between one, two or four DT connectors (one connector per auxiliary light or LED bar)


Go to mounting instructions


Available as:

  • DT x 1 (part number 3346015)
  • DT x 2 (part number 3346016)
  • DT x 4 (part number 3346017)
Technical information
Manufacturer Ledson
Warranty 12 Months
Voltage 24 V
Canbus Yes
Cable length 3 m kabel från delningspunkt
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