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Three armed diode bulb 12V P27W, 24 LEDs - Yellow

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€9.19 €7.35
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 P27W/3176 socket
 Great as flasher or turning signals
 Equivalent to 20W

LED-bulb with 24 diodes, socket 3156. The socket is also known as P27W or W2.5x16d.
Replaces turn signals. Equivalent to about 20W.
Gives a very wide dispersion of light, about 360 degrees, thanks to it's diodes scattered on top and on the backside of the arms. Easy to put into place thanks to the arms being spring loaded. You simply press the arms together, insert it into place, and then the arms will then pop back into open position, like a flower going into bloom. The arms will give a very special look to your lamp.


  •     Fits excellent as: turn signal
  •     Voltage: 12V
  •     For cars with light monitoring/CANBUS: No
  •     Equivalent to: ca 20W
  •     Supplied: Individually
Technical information
Socket W21W
Manufacturer Ledson
Color Orange
Unit st
Diameter (mm) 60 mm
Power usage 12V/24V 0,24A
Length (mm) 44 mm
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