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Supplementary turn signal relay (12-24V)

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 Complement to turn signal relay where the turn signal light flashes too fast
 Flashes at the same speed regardless of the load in the circuit
 Works for both LED and halogen

Do you want to complement a vehicle with LED lights for the turn signals but do not want to put resistance that emits heat?

Or you have a vehicle with an integrated - non-replaceable turn signal relay - but still want LED lights for the turn signals?

Then we have the solution!

  • Provides no heat generation as "normal" resistors provide.
  • Completely waterproof construction - IP67.
  • Fits both 12V and 24 Volt vehicles.
  • EMC secured - does not cause radio interference.
  • Can mix both light bulbs and LED lights in one and the same circuit.


The markings of 6500001:

49a - RED cable - connected to the + 12V cable that provides voltage (+) to the turn signal lamp

Gnd - BLACK cable - connected to Earth (both)

LED - BLUE cable - is connected to the LED lamp

Technical information
Manufacturer N/A
Voltage 12-24 V
Manufacturer NA
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