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Lightforce Striker Pro LED 150mm

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✓ Effectful light in a small package
Barely 15 cm wide
✓ 15 high quality LumiLED

NOTE: Order item, expect 3-5 days delivery

NOTE: Order item, expect 3-5 days delivery

Rectangular shaped for a cool look on all SUVs and good versatile performance, Striker Pro LED driving lights from Lightforce.

Striker auxiliary lights are designed to perform according to high standards. Their IP68 and IP69k input protection rating means they can handle a high pressure washer after an adventure. With reduced radio interference technology included, you can listen to the radio without extra EMC-filters required.


  • Effect: 60W
  • Lumen: 5625
  • Effective lumen: 3466
  • IP68 and IP69K certified
  • Voltage: 10-36V
  • Current draw: 4.4A @ 13.2v
  • Color temperature: 5000K
  • Life length LED: 50,000 hours
  • Measurements: 146mm (W) x 77mm (D) x 118mm (H)
  • Weight, complete with attachment: 1,0kg


  • Width: 146 mm
  • Height: 118 mm
  • Depth, folded in: 77 mm
  • Depth, folded out: 90 mm


Technical information
Manufacturer Lightforce
Output 60W
Unit st
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