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Pollux9+ Strobe LED auxiliary light 120W (with warning light)

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Pollux9+ Strobe with ECE R65 approved warning light
E-marked and optional white or yellow-orange position light
 Choose Driving Beam or Spot Beam

Pollux9+ Strobe - an auxiliary light with extra everything!

Pollux9+ Strobe is a further development of Ledson's immensely popular Pollux9+ Gen 2. In addition to a wide and long light pattern with the Driving beam (spot is available here) from the TIR reflectors with 480 meters at 1 Lux, it also has selectable position light (white or orange), stable attachment, electronic temperature optimization, Goretex pressure equalization membrane and all that which distinguishes the standard Pollux9+. The Pollux9+ Strobe also has an ECE R65 approved strobe light. This warning light consists of four powerful LEDs that can be set in five different flash patterns.


Flash patterns:

  • Single flash (ECE R65)
  • Double flash
  • Triple flash
  • Quadruple flash
  • Continuous hyper flash


Synchronizable and with alternating flash pattern

Pollux9+ Strobe can be synchronized with each other, which means that all of the lights use the same flash pattern and strobe synchronized. But you also have the option of an alternating flash pattern, which means that your auxiliary lights can be divided into two different groups so that they strobe opposite of each other (eg right / left or top / bottom). You can synchronize and use alternating flash patterns with an infinite number of lights, i.e. there are no restrictions on the number of lights you use.


Stone chip procection and snow filters

The Pollux9+ Strobe is of course already equipped with a durable lens, but if you really care about your extra light having a long life, free from stone chips and scratches, we recommend our stone chip protectors. A cheap and easy way to give your new auxiliary light an extra layer of protection!

You find both stone protection and snow filters here


TIR reflectors

TIR stands for Total Inner Reflection and means that all light is effectively reflected and directed before it is sent out from the reflector. The spill light (the light that is not directed but which disappears "unfocused" from the light without making any real use) is minimized. A traditional reflector directs and focuses most of the light but far from everything.

In summary, you get more efficient light on the road and take full advantage of every LED on the auxiliary light with the TIR reflectors!


Driving Beam light pattern

Driving beams reflectors are all computer generated and manufactured to provide a similar light image as combo but more consistent and within the limits of what is legal. It mimics and enhances the car's existing headlight and light image.


Spot Beam light pattern

A spot light image provides a focused light beam straight ahead to illuminate the road in front of the car in the maximum possible way. This is ideal if you drive a lot of country road or motorway with a very visible carriageway far ahead. Also called high beam.


What more is needed?

  • DT-relay: We strongly recommend using our DT relay with original connection to connect the LED bar to the vehicle. You can then choose between controlling the bar with a button or switching it on with the main beam (the bar lights up and goes off automatically when the main light is on and off, as most people prefer). There is also a fuse between external light and battery to prevent possible damage to battery and other equipment. Detailed installation instructions are included with the DT relay.
  • Mounting on the vehicle: Can be mounted directly on the vehicle (drill in a suitable place) or a little smoother and more stylish using a number plate holder. 

 TIP: Also see our quick connector for relay with ready connectors, no damage to the car's original cabling (no power thief needed). Quick and easy installation!



  • Five different warning light patterns, one that is ECE R65 approved
  • Synchronizable with each other
  • E marked (E8, ref. 37,5), ECE R112 / R10 / R7 (white position light)
  • EMC secured (does not disturb the radio)
  • With position light (4 LEDs) yellow-orange or xenon white (connect the color you want)
  • Driving beam light pattern with range: 960 m (0.25 lux), 480 m (1 lux)
  • Spot beam light pattern with range: 1148 m (0,25 lux), 574 m (1 lux)
  • 12000 lumens (theoretical), 9600 lumens (actual)
  • Cold White Light (6500 K)
  • TIR optical system (Total Inner Reflection)
  • Pressure equalization membrane
  • 36 month warranty


Technical data:

  • 120 W (12 x 10 W Cree XM-L2 LED)
  • 4 pcs LED for strobe light
  • Nominal power 92,4 W
  • IP68 (water/dust proof)
  • 6 pole DT connector (2-pin adapter included)
  • Electronic heat management
  • Voltage 9-36 V
  • Load 7,7 A @ 12 V and 3,6 A @ 24 V


Measurement & weight:

  • Width: 218 mm
  • Height: 234,5 mm (incl bracket)
  • Depth: 68,5 mm
  • Weight: 1,9 kg
  • Cable length: 650 mm



  • Pollux9+ Strobe Ledson LED auxiliary light 9" with strobe function
  • Bolts and screws for attaching the auxiliary light with either one or two attachment points
  • DT connector (6 pole, supplied with 2 pole adapter)
  • Installation instructions (see PDF here)


Installation instructions for cables (detailed instructions included with the product):

  • Red: Auxiliary light (+)
  • Black: Auxiliary light/ Positionsljus (- ground)
  • Grey: Position light (+) white light
  • Yellow: Position light (+) orange light
  • Green: Strobe light (+)
  • Blue: Strobe light switch of pattern / synchronization

Strobe pattern synchronization: Connect the blue wires of two or more auxiliary lights, then momentarily connect these to the positive terminal for 3 seconds to reset the strobe frequency on all connected lights, then all flash patterns are shifted.


NOTE: The DT connector must not be cut, as this increases the risk of moisture damage and the warranty will cease to apply.

More Information
Color Xenon white + Yellow-orange
Warranty 36 Månader
Manufacturer Ledson
Diameter (mm) 9"
Number of diodes 12 st 10W Cree XM-L2 LED
Theoretical output 120W (nominell effekt 92W)
Power usage 12V/24V 7,7 A @ 12 V och 3,6 A @ 24 V
Power usage 12V/24V 7,7 A @ 12 V och 3,6 A @ 24 V
Flash patterns 5
Height 234,5 mm (inkl fäste)
Use of power 92,4 W
Width 218 mm
Depth 68,5 mm
E-mark Ja
Charging time (warm to full strength) Omedelbar
Cable length 65 cm
Beam pattern Kombination
Light flux 12000 lumen (teoretiska), 9600 lumen (faktiska)
Start time Omedelbar
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