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"Hide-away" LED strobe light (ECE R65)

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 Compact "Hide-away" LED strobe light recessed
 Approved (R65*) with up to 16 flash patterns
 With 2 meter m cable

*Not red

Excellent compact LED strobe light! Despite its size, it gives an incredibly strong and clear light. The light is R65 approved and can thus be used on public roads, highways etc (Red is not E-marked).

The strobe light is mounted in a 25.4 mm hole (1 inch) using the supplied rubber gasket. The rubber seal is first pushed into the hole, after which the light is pressed and snapped into place. The mounting depth is 40 mm.

Detailed manual and accompanying installation instructions are included.

The light has 16 (14 for orange and red) different flash patterns and the lights can be divided into 2 different groups so that they flash alternately (eg right / left or upper / lower). Orange and red also have the option of alternating flash patterns.


The lights are easily connected as standard lights, with red and black, to plus and minus:

  • Red = Plus (12V-24V)
  • Black = Minus / Ground
  • Yellow = Synchronization, flash pattern and grouping
  • White = Alternating flash pattern (NOTE: orange and red only)

Flash patterns:
When the yellow cable is connected to plus, the light goes to the next flash pattern. Three fast pulses on plus sets the pattern to 1.

When you connect both red and yellow to plus at the same time, the grouping setting starts. The light flashes once or twice to display the set grouping. You can change the group by connecting the yellow cord to plus cable. As soon as you turn off the light, it will remember that setting.


  • Diameter (top): 35 mm
  • Diameter of hole size: 25.4 mm
  • Total length: 39 mm
  • Mounting depth: 40 mm
  • Cable length: 2 meter

Read more about UNECE regulations here


Available as:

  • White (part 5002311)
  • Red (part 5002312)
  • Orange (part 5002313)
  • Blue (part 500234)
Technical information
Glass Clear
Choice 2 m kabel
Warranty 12 Months
Manufacturer Ledson
Height 39 mm
Diameter (mm) Diameter upptill / hålstorlek: 35 mm / 25,4 mm
Cable length 2 meter eller 25 cm
Depth Totalt djup / monteringsdjup: 39 mm / 40 mm
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