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 Give the interior of the vehicle the coolest makeover!
 Thin, flexible & shortable = Easy to install
 360 degree unbroken line of soft light (electroluminescence)

NOTE: Requires a driver (12V, 24V or battery powered)

Give your vehicle a cool makeover with an unbroken line of soft light: Perfect for styling the interior! This is not LED technology but instead electroluminescence (also known as el wire), which gives a discreet and super-bright light shine. Available in lengths up to 5 meters and 10 beautiful colors!

What is needed for it to work?

To light your Glowstrip, you will need a driver in 12V (passenger cars) with a cig plug and no cig plug. With a cig plug, Glowstrip gets power from the cigarette socket, without a cig plug, you can take power from other parts of the car (eg directly from the ignition, from the battery of the vehicle, etc.). We also have a battery powered driver powered by two standard AA batteries (with this you can also set slowly flashing and fast flashing patterns). 



What is Glowstrip (Electroluminescence)?

Glowstrip is a highly flexible, thin list (more precisely a phosphor-coated copper wire) that provides an effective, unbroken light throughout the list. The light source is called "Elektroluminiscens" and it occurs when the material is crossed by the electric current supplied by the driver. It differs from normal light radiation due to heat or from chemicals. This technique is common as backlighting for LCDs, intrusion panel in the car or battery-powered wristwatches and thermometers.

The light from our Glowstrip is discreet (visible in the dark but does not interfere with drivers and passengers) and is therefore excellent as interior lighting for cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Mounting and placement
The list is extremely thin in the "mounting part" (the part of the list that enters the gap), making it extremely easy to mount in slots between different parts of the interior such as seats, cup holders, sound systems, etc. Our Glowstrip is also very flexible in all directions and can therefore be easily pinched into round turns in eg. doors or the roof.

The light is weaker compared to a traditional LED strip, which makes it barely visible in full daylight. It's when it gets a bit darker as its power begins with a soft, moody shine.

The list can be shortened with surgical precision (if you wish) - in other words, there are no limitations, you can shorten as usual with LED lists. Customize your Glowstrip to your measurements and purposes! NOTE: 300 cm and 500 cm can be split once and use both pieces as it comes with an additional connector for these Glowstrip lengths.

100 cm and 200 cm can be shortened but the part you cut off can not be used again (no extra contacts included). 300 cm and 500 cm can be cut and used both parts of Glowstrip, with the exception of the following article numbers: 4050014 (500cm blue), 4030012 (300cm red), 4030014 (300cm blue) and 40300144 (300cm crystal blue).

(NOTE! On the cards to 300cm and 500cm it says that an extra "hat" to seal the end of the Glowstrip is included, this is incorrect)

Recommended maximum length per driver
With a 2-way clutch and 4-way clutch, you can get more than 5 meters of Glowstrip on a driver. However, we recommend that you connect a maximum of 5 meters of Glowstrip total per driver. It is technically possible to have longer lengths but the brightness becomes more dim the longer the strip you have. If you wish to have more than 5 meters, then our recommendation is to get additional Drivers to power the Glowstrips.

Technical information
Warranty 12 Månader
Manufacturer Ledson
Cable length 10 cm
E-mark Not approved for use on public road
Dispersion Array
Power usage 12V/24V 0,1A
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