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11G Xtreme LED headlight bulbs

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From €67.49 From €53.99
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 11G Xtreme - Our strongest LED headlight bulbs!
 Recommended for off road vehicles or high beam (not low beam)
 Complete kit, 5000 lumen, smaller size (fan cooling) & 3 year warranty

We recommend our 11G Xtreme only for high beam or off-road / work vehicles (scooter, tractor, quad bike and so on). This because they provide a too strong and slightly distorted low beam in standard transport vehicles (cars and trucks). If you want LED in the low beam or a slightly stronger LED headlight with a good beam pattern, we recommend that you take a look at our Xtreme DX LED bulbs.


The product is not approved for use in traffic (Sweden). Therefore, we can not recommend it to be used for low beam or fog lights.



  • Smaller in size than our 9G, because they are cooled with a fan and not just a heat sink
  • EMC secured
  • 6000K color temperature (xenon white)
  • Two bulbs with two ballasts
  • 5000 lumen brightness with two bulbs
  • Canbus-secured (doesn´t give error codes in the vehicle)
  • 9-32V (cars and trucks)
  • CREE XHP50 LED chip
  • Equivalent to 75W
  • Immediate light (no waiting)
  • 3 year warranty


11G Xtreme compared to 9G LED headlights

9G shoots 4500 lumens brightness per pair while 11G Xtreme emits 5000 lumens per pair. Furthermore, the 11G bulb is cooled with a fan while 9G is passively cooled with a heat sink (therefore 11G Xtreme is also smaller and easier to mount than 9G). The durability is theoretically better for a 9G bulb compared to an 11G Xtreme.

If you want maximum brightness in your headlight or work vehicle (scooter, tractor, 4-wheel), we recommend 11G Xtreme. In vehicles where the LED should be in a low beam we consider 9G to be more suitable.


Upgrade your car to something stronger and nicer

Complete kit with a pair of LED headlight bulbs from LEDSON, giving up to twice as strong light compared to halogen and instantaneously lit as opposed to xenon. In addition, a lower power consumption, long life and 3 years warranty!


Advantages compared to halogen:

✔ Up to twice as strong light
✔ Lower power consumption
✔ Longer life

Advantages compared to xenon:

✔ Faster ignition time (lit immediately)
✔ Lower power consumption
✔ Longer life

Technical information
E-mark Nej
Color 6000K
Manufacturer Ledson
Functions Auxiliary light, Dipped/low beam, Fog light, High beam
Warranty 36 Månader
Length bulb 80 mm
Use of power 10,8 W - 17,2 W (Hel/Halvljus)
Power usage 12V/24V 0,9 A - 1,43 A (Hel/Halvljus)
Charging time (warm to full strength) Omedelbar
Light flux 5000 lumen / par
Start time Omedelbar
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