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LEDSON LED headlight bulbs Xtreme Focus 2

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 Xtreme Focus 2: Drive safer and with a more attractive vehicle!
 Perfect beam pattern with Xtreme amounts of light
 Comes with a full 5 year warranty!

Xtreme Focus 2 - Perfect beam pattern with extreme power!


Why do we recommend Ledson Xtreme Focus 2?

Xtreme Focus 2 are the sharpest and strongest LED headlights we have in our range. Ledson Xtreme Focus 2 is the right option for you and makes you a better and safer driver, both when upgrading your low beam and high beam.

Due to the high performance of Xtreme Focus 2, note that these lights, unlike its predecessor, have ballasts (smaller in size than a typical xenon ballast). This means that the LED light itself also is smaller, but that the ballasts take up some amount of space (50x30x13 mm). If installation space is critical and you prefer not to have ballasts, then you should look at Xtreme Focus LED headlight bulbs.

With the latest, innovative technology, you get a perfect beam pattern with large amounts of light for a safer drive! Xtreme Focus2 comes with a full 5 year guarantee to ensure that you will be satisfied for a long time to come.



An upgrade you do not regret

When you experience the daylight-like effect of switching to LED Xtreme Focus 2, you will not understand how you could drive without these lights before! Because the more light on the road you get access to, the better and safer driver you become. Your ability to react is improved while you can relax, retain more energy and feel less tired. You will arrive safely at your destination and can save energy into something more than just driving.


You are in control

Xtreme Focus 2 are designed to provide a light that is optimal and thus does not dazzle other traffic or "disappear" in an undesirable direction (towards the sky or oncoming trafic) where the light does no good. Xtreme Focus 2 High Power LED chip that emits 6000 lumens per LED light (3000 actual lumens) is concentrated on illuminating the road in front of you.


An attractive modern look

In addition to giving your vehicle a stronger low beam or high beam, you are also upgrading from a yellow, "90s" light to a modern, white light of 6000 Kelvin. Therefore, do not be surprised if others notice that the vehicle simply looks more nice and modern - because it does!



Xtreme Focus 2 has ballasts, which need dedicated space in the engine compartment. On the other hand, the LED bulbs themselves are smaller, which makes them easier to fit in the light housing. The LED lights are also EMC-shielded and Canbus secured, which means that they do not disturb the radio and do not cause warnings about a broken light in the vehicle in cases where the vehicle has a lamp warning system (CANbus) (note that some, sensitive vehicles can still sound the alarm and you then have to supplement with resistance. See more about this further down the page)


Xtreme Focus 2- Detailed information

  • All that is needed is included in this kit (two LED bulbs with ballasts and manual)
  • Works both for low beam and for high beam
  • EMC secured
  • 6000K color temperature (xenon white)
  • Up to 6000 lumens of light per bulb (3000 actual lumens)
  • Turbo fan for optimal coolong
  • Canbus secured
  • 12-24V (cars)
  • High Power chip
  • 40W per bulb
  • Immediate ignition
  • 5 years warranty



Advantages compared to halogen:

✔ Up to twice as strong light
✔ Lower power consumption
✔ Longer life

Advantages compared to xenon:

✔ Faster ignition time (lit immediately)
✔ Lower power consumption
✔ Longer life


To think of

Resistors (canbus bulb warning)

The bulb has a built-in resistor that neutralizes the warning system for broken light bulb, but may in some cases not be sufficient (often with SAAB cars). This can then be supplemented with power resistors to increase the load further:

780032 - H1, H3, H7
780033 - H4, H13, HB1, HB5
780030 - HB3, HB4, H10
780031 - H8, H9, H11

The following cars need resistors (Confirmed cases)

  • Volvo XC60 -17
  • Volvo V60 -15 och -16
  • Volvo V70 -06


Bulb holder (in single cases to be able to mount the bulb)

Some car models are manufactured with a bulb mount and power supply in the same device. LED conversion lights do not fit directly into the original socket because of cables located directly in the LED light. The bulb can not be attached properly. Our bulb holders are custom-made just to be able to attach LED lights even to vehicles with this problem. Our bulb holders

The picture below shows the bulb mount and power supply in the same device. Does your headlights have this, you will need two bulb holders!



Technical information
Color 6000K
Manufacturer Ledson
Warranty 5 years
Light flux Upp till 6000 lumen per lampa
Power usage 12V/24V 40W per lampa
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