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SLIM Dual Wattage Gen2 DW LED-bar 20,5" (Combo)

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Dual Wattage technology - two kinds of OSRAM LED in the same bar!
 Enables optimal width + length of the light (no compromises)
Very slim design with only 47 mm in height 


Slim DW upgraded to 2nd generation!

This versatile bar is a significant upgrade of the standard LED-bar SLIM and is exclusive in our range in that it is equipped with Dual Wattage. You often have to compromise between the length and width of the light and let this be decisive for the choice of bar where you win one but lose the other. Not with Slim DW Gen 2.

Dual Wattage technically means that we have equipped SLIM DW Gen 2 with two different kinds of OSRAM LED in one and the same bar. This unique combination gives you the most optimal width and length of light.

On top of this, the bar is only 47 mm high and the possibilities for flexible mounting suddenly become more compared to double-row bars. You get a really strong bar with a flexible light that can be hidden away nicely on the vehicle, if you wish!

See our blog post where we compare light images between different LED-bars and auxiliary lights and lamps


What more is needed?

  • Ledson Connect: We strongly recommend using our Ledson Connect with original connection to connect the LED bar to the vehicle. You can then choose between controlling the bar with a button (optional, see 7801009) or switching it on with the main beam (the bar lights up and goes off automatically when the main light is on and off, as most people prefer). There is also a fuse between the bar and battery to prevent possible damage to battery and other equipment and when using XBB, it can be plugged directly into the Connect.
    Detailed installation instructions are included with the DT relay.
  • Mounting on the vehicle: Can be mounted directly on the vehicle (drill in a suitable place) or a little smoother and nicer with the help of a number plate holder or pipe bracket. See our different accessories for mounting options. NOTE: specially adapted holder is intended for this bar: Holder for LED-bar LEDSON SLIM DW 20.5"



  • Dual Wattage technology with two different types of LEDs: OSRAM CSHP and P8
  • Enables an optimal width + length of the light without compromise
  • Combined light image (wide and oblong)
  • 7380 lumens (theoretical), 6344 lumens (actual)
  • Color temperature 5000K (neutral white)
  • Range 1010 m (0.25 lux), 505 m (1 lux)
  • Dual mounting options

 Technical data:

  • 57 W (OSRAM CHSP + OSRAM P8)
  • IP67 (water/dustproof)
  • Aluminum housing with polycarbonate lens
  • 5.77 A at 12 V and 3.08 A at 24 V
  • Pressure equalization membrane
  • DT connector (included)


  • Width: 525 mm
  • Height: 47 mm
  • Depth: 44 mm (exkl Brackets)
  • Weight: 1,2 kg
  • Cable length: 450 mm


NOTE: The DT connector must not be cut as it entails an increased risk of moisture damage and the warranty then ceases to apply. DT connector (male) with joint included with the product.

Technical information
Manufacturer Ledson
Color Xenon white
Warranty 24 Månader
Width 525 mm
Unit st
Number of contacts 1 x DT-connector
Light flux 7380 lumen (teoretiska), 6344 lumen (faktiska)
Cable length 450 mm
Depth 44 mm (exkl fästen)
Power usage 12V/24V 5,77 A vid 12 V och 3,08 A vid 24 V
Height 47 mm
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