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Complete SLIM DW Gen 2 LED bar kit (12V)

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€232.49 €185.99
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Complete kit with SLIM DW Gen 2, special holder and Ledson Connect!
Dual Wattage technology with optimal width + length of light
47 mm high, 5399 actual lumen, 1010/505 m (0.25 / 1 lux)

A LED bar package with proper power!

You will get a unique bar with custom-made number plate holder for this particular bar, ie with a perfect fit. The supplied DT relay kit also allows you to either turn on the LED bar with existing main beam (as most prefer) or steer the bar on and off with a button.

This versatile bar is a significant upgrade of the standard LED-bar SLIM and is exclusive in our range in that it is equipped with Dual Wattage. You often have to compromise between the length and width of the light and let this be decisive for the choice of bar where you win one but lose the other. Not with Slim DW Gen 2.

Dual Wattage technically means that we have equipped SLIM DW Gen 2 with two different kinds of OSRAM LED in one and the same bar. This unique combination gives you the most optimal width and length of light.

On top of this, the bar is only 47 mm high and the possibilities for flexible mounting suddenly become more compared to double-row bars. You get a really strong bar with a flexible light that can be hidden away nicely on the vehicle, if you wish!


The following is included in the package:


Properties for SLIM DW:



  • Dual Wattage technology with two different types of LEDs: OSRAM 3W and 5W
  • Allows optimum width + length of light without compromises
  • Combined beam pattern (wide and oblong)
  • 7380 lumens (theoretical), 6344 lumens (actual)
  • Color temperature 5000K (neutral white)
  • Range 1010 m (0.25 lux), 505 m (1 lux)
  • Dual mounting options


Technical data:

  • 57 W (OSRAM CHSP + OSRAM P8)
  • IP67 (water / dust-tight)t)
  • Aluminum casing with polycarbonate lens
  • 5,87 A at 12 V and 2,92 A at 24 V
  • Pressure equalization membrane
  • DT connector (supplied)



  • Width: 525 mm
  • Height: 47 mm
  • Depth: 44 mm (exkl brackets)
  • Weight: 1,2 kg



NOTE: The DT connector must not be cut because it increases the risk of moisture damage and the warranty will cease to apply. DT connector (male) is included with the product..

Technical information
Manufacturer Ledson
Color Xenon white
Warranty 24 Months
Width 525 mm
Unit pkt
Light flux 7380 lumen (teoretiska), 6344 lumen (faktiska)
Depth 44 mm (exkl fästen)
Power usage 12V/24V 5,87 A vid 12 V och 2,92 A vid 24 V
Height 47 mm
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