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Indicator relay LED American cars (EFL 2 2-pin)

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American cars (CF12)
Indicator flashes with normal speed
 Plug 'n' play - easy to install

Electronic flash relay

The flash relay is of the electronic type which means that the frequency of the flashing (speed) is always the same regardless of the load in the circuit. Original flash relay is often the mechanical that works a little differently. The mechanical flash relay is adapted to a predetermined load and the flashing frequency may increase or decrease depending on whether the load changes. Everyone who has had a broken flashing lamp has probably been out for the bulbs flashes very fast - This is because the load (resistance) in the circuit has decreased and therefore the frequency has increased.

The same phenomenon is obtained when replacing the Halogen lamps into LED. LEDs that consume significantly less power start flashing very quickly and can then be fixed by power resistor or switching the flash relay to an electronic.

Older car models

These flash relays often fit older car models. As technology advances, most newer models have built-in flash relay in the car's electronics. The easiest is always to contact your brand shop or locate the flash relay using the instruction manual.

Technical information
Manufacturer Ledson
Voltage 12 V
Unit st
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