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Blue spot, 10-80V, 2x10W Cree (Spot)

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 BlueSpot warning system light
 540 lumen
 Excellent in warehouses and similar

10-110 V

BlueSpot is a warning light for trucks. BlueSpot consists of two blue LEDs that is mounted on the top of the truck, and that shines a blue area on the ground ahead of the truck. This improves security around corners or among pedestrians, since the blue light tells people around where the truck is heading.   There's many advantages of a BlueSpot-warning system, such as it's soundless (less annoying than a sound-system), energy efficient and easy to see.

This BlueSpot is equipped with two 3W Cree-diodes and is both water- and dust-proof.  It gives, like previously stated, a blue light with 540 lumen. 


Note: The DT-connection must not be cut since it will increase the risk of leakage, and the warranty is void if it's cut. A male DT-contact is included in the package. 


  • Light flow: 540 lumen
  • Theoretical output: 6W 
  • LED: 2 x 3W Cree
  • Light pattern: Spot (8 degrees)
  • Weatherproofing: IP69
  • Housing: Aluminium housing, stainless steel mount, glass lens
  • Colour: Blue
  • EMC-proof: Yes
  • Voltage: 10-80 V
  • Consumption: 6W
  • Measurements: 92,4x49,6x45,7 mm (WxHxD)
    • Height with mount: 61,3 mm


Technical information
Manufacturer Ledson
Voltage 10-110 V
Color Blue
Warranty 36 Months
Voltage 10-110 V
Manufacturer Ledson
Use of power 2,4 W
Width 92,4 mm
Depth (mm) 45,7 mm
Height 61,3 mm
Light flux 540 lumen
Height 61,3 mm
Cable length 0,5 m
Depth 45,7 mm
Power usage 12V/24V 2,4 W
Elektronisk värmekontroll (ETM) No
Tryckutjämningsmembran No
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