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SafeKid stroller lighting kit

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 Complete SafeKid kit for lighting your stroller (excl. Powerbank)
 Flexistrip IP68 (30 cm white + 30 cm red + 2 x 11.5 cm orange)
 Attached easily with double-sided adhesive that is mounted at the back

The included Ledson Flexistrips for this SafeKid baby stroller kit strongly illuminate your pram / stroller and are IP68-rated and thus fully waterproof! Together with a Powerbank** (or other USB power source) you will have your nicely lit and dark-proof stroller ready for safe morning and evening rounds.

Included in the SafeKid baby trolley kit:


USB adapter cable

USB adapter cable can be connected to your, for example, Powerbank (or other sources that provides power via a USB port) and then used on the Flexistrips to power these! Step-up-cable, transforms 5 V (USB) to 12 V. Cable length 90 cm.

Connection example:

  • From your Powerbank (USB power source) you plug in this USB adapter cable (30666)
  • Then connect the DC connector female (30662) to the USB adapter cable (30666)
  • Should you run more than one Flexistrip (or other lighting), use 2 x 5-way lever connector (30665)*
  • Connect DC connector male (30662) to the 5-way lever connectors one side and your Flexistrips to the other side of the connector
  • All done!

* A lever connector is intended for plus or minus cables, therefore you should have two of these (one for the minus cables and one for the plus cables). These two connectors then enables you to power up to five Flexistrips (or other lighting that you want to operate with your Powerbank or USB source).

** The whole package pulls about 1500 mAh/hour so plan your purchase (unless you already have one) of Powerbank based on that.

Technical information
Manufacturer Ledson
Warranty 12 Månader
Unit pkt
Dispersion Array
Cable length 2 meter
Length (mm) 30 cm + 30 cm + 2 x 11,5 cm
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