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Analog Lightning 3025 auxiliary light relay

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 Auxiliary light wiring for cars with sensitive electrical systems (eg Bi-xenon or LED)
 For positive-controlled headlights and both straight and pulsed signal
 Not for CAN-controlled high beams

Analog Lightning 3025 auxiliary light wiring is intended for modern cars with more sensitive electrical systems, e.g. if they are equipped with bi-xenon with actuator or LED high beam. An actuator motor makes a clear "clunk" sound when the headlight's high beams are switched on.

This analog kit is perfect for the car where you can find an analog signal by the lights.

With a Deutsch DT connector for connection to LED bars with this connector (max 25A / 12V). The wiring kit can handle both positive-controlled and negative-controlled electrical systems and has cables with sealed connectors.

With sophisticated semiconductor technology for smaller current spikes and disturbances during switching on and off compared to a traditional mechanical relay, which otherwise risks affecting more sensitive systems. The wiring kits are protected from moisture and dust according to ISO 16750-4.

NOTE: Needs a classic clean 12V high beam signal for switching on (not intended for CAN-controlled high beams).


  • High quality
  • 12V
  • Max load: 13A
  • Maximum load without DT connector: 25A
  • Maximum load on switch-on cable: 2mA
  • Can handle switching voltage down to 4V
Technical information
Warranty 12 Månader
Voltage 12 V
Manufacturer NA
Unit st
Cable length Till DT: 2000mm, Till säkring: 1000mm, Röd: 2000mm, Svart: 500mm.
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