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Digital Lightning 1200

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 To control LED bar/ LED auxiliary light with your high beam
 For newer vehicles (eg with adaptive LED headlights)
 Receives high beam signal directly via the CAN bus cabling

Complete cabling that is easy to assemble, all work is done in the engine compartment. Only two cables to the battery and two CAN bus cables to the headlight - then it's done! The kit contains vehicle-adapted cables and generates no error codes in the vehicle.

Digital Lightning 1200 is intended for newer cars with e.g. adaptive LED headlights (eg LED Matrix) with only CAN signal out to the headlights.

With the included USB memory, the software for your particular car model is easily downloaded from Modernum's website and transferred to the product. Digital Lightning 1200 contains a digital control unit with a secured cabling. The kit also includes a DT connector for easy connection to LED ramp or other auxiliary lights.

Link to list of which car models are supported and software download (the list is continuously updated with new cars): https://modernum.se/produkter/extraljuskablage/digital-lightning/mjukvara/



  • Very simple installation
  • 12V and 24V DC operating voltage
  • 13A (20A without DT connector) maximum continuous current load
  • Sealed
  • Electronic (Solid state) relay
  • Power consumption3,6mA
  • E-approved
  • Dimensions: 60x50x32 mm
Technical information
Warranty 12 Months
Voltage 12-24 V
Manufacturer NA
Unit st
Power usage 12V/24V 3,6mA
Cable length Till DT: 1200mm, Svart: 1500mm, Gul/vit: 1000mm.
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