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ZenseLight RGB LED-strip, Music controlled interior lighting kit - 24V

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 Make your truck's interior lighting flash with your music
 ZenseLight cCan also be put in solid-colour-mode
 4 x 17cm adhesive LED-strips

24 V

ZenseLight interior lighting that is controlled either by music or by a remote. The unit has a built-in microphone and creates a unique pattern that corresponds to the music you're listening to. If you're not interested in having it flash according to the music - don't worry! With the remote you're able to choose different colours, strength or regular patterns. 

Mount the four included LED-strips (4 x 17 cm) where you want it (such as footwells or in the ceiling). The LED-strips are connected to the control unit that also works as a reciever for the remote. Connect the power cable to the control unit and plug it in the cigarett plug, turn up the music and watch it light up. The four LED-strips are adhesive, so they're easy to mount. 


  • 1x remote control with battery
  • 1x plug lighter contact, 50 cm cable
  • 1x control unit with cables (2x170cm, 2x110cm)
  • 4x Semi-flexible LED-strips (17 cm)
Technical information
Manufacturer Ledson
Color Multi colored (RGB)
Warranty 12 Months
Voltage 24 V
Unit set
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