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Xenon bulb D2Y 4300K 35W

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 Xenon bulb D2Y 35W
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Xenon bulb spare part from Ledson replacing retrofit xenon kit.

Color temperature:

This lamp has a color scale of 4300K, which is compered to daylight and is the one that matches original standard xenon bulbs. The color temperature works better in snow-covered landscapes, as the light is smoother against snow compered to higher Kelvin numbers (6000K>) where the light can reflect back the driver and the risk of glare is greater.

We also offer the same bulb in 6000K witch is a little colder in the color temperature and that works better against black or wet asphalt. The bulb also gives a more "modern" look and fits better with position lights Day Running Light in the same color temperature.

To reconsider:

If you have a xenon bulb that you need to replace because it is broken etc. please check if the other bulb also needs replacing. In many cases, we recommend replacing both lamps at the same time as the xenon bulbs used over a longer period of time become weaker, more blue or purple, and then stops working. If the color of the older bulb is different from the new one, it may be time to replace it as well.

All our xenon bulbs ar UV shielded to maintain the lifespan of the headlight.
Supplied with 1 year warranty.

Technical information
Color 4300K
Manufacturer Ledson
Socket D2Y
Socket D2Y
Unit st
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