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XBB Dongle OBD II for Tesla Model S & X (Kit)

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 XBB Dongle and Power Unit - Complete kit!
 Wireless communication via Bluetooth
 For Tesla Model S och Model X 

XBB Dongle OBD II kit for Tesla Model S and Model X! (Note, not for Model 3)

The absolute simplest and most modern way to install your new auxiliary lights! This kit consists of an XBB Dongle that is mounted in the car's OBDII socket and an XBB Powerunit (relay) that communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth with the XBB Dongle.

You do not have to cut, splice or damage the car's original wiring to make your auxiliary lights work. The vehicle's CAN bus system is not a problem either. With your mobile phone and app (currently only available for Android via Google Play, iOS Apple will arrive in 2021) you get a smooth and very simple installation! In this app, all settings are also made.

See list of compatible car models (updated frequently)

Each Powerunit has two separate outputs, which are fully programmable. This means that if e.g. If you want an auxiliary light or LED bar connected on output 1, you can connect position lights on output 2. Each dongle allows mounting of up to four Powerunits to this (maximum 15A on output 1 and 5A on output 2).

This includes:



Technical information
Warranty 12 Months
Voltage 9-36 V
Manufacturer XBB
Choice Kit för Tesla (Dongle + Power Unit)
Unit set
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