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Tail lamp: Tail light, brake light, flasher and plate light (E-mark)

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€53.29 €42.63
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 Flasher, brake-, tail- and license plate light

The lamp has two mounting screws (size M6) with 45 mm between the holes. When you get this lamp, you get a lamp that's maintenance-free since the diodes are completely encased in the polycarbonate. No more broken bulbs, flickering with contacts, and so on. 

The lamp has 12 red diodes, 10 yellow and 3 white LEDs for the license plate light.

The lamp is a basic lamp with many functions: tail light, brake light, turn signal / flasher and license plate light.  Two "chambers", one red and one yellow. The lamp is E-marked and ADR-approved, which means it is 100% road legal (local regulations may apply).  Since it is IP68, there's no need for extra water proofing.



  • Cables
    • Brown: Tail light and license plate
    • Green: Flasher
    • White: Ground/neutral
    • Red: Brake light
  • E-marked, ADR-approved - Read more about UNECE regulations here
  • Voltage: 12-36V
  • Measurements: 100x94x43 mm (WxHxD)
  •  Supplied: Individually
  • Cable: 0,5 metre

Technical information
Manufacturer Blixtra
Unit st
Cable length 500 mm
Power usage 12V/24V 0,38A / 0,3A
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