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Starry sky RGB LED fiber light (2 meters)

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€87.29 €69.83
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 Experience a rich starry sky whenever you want!
 150 thin fiber threads
 For 230V or 12V

Tired of never being able to enjoy a wonderful starry sky when you really feel like it? Stay calm, we have the solution for you! This lighting gives you a rich experience by simulating a starry sky with 150 x 0.75 mm thin fiber wires - a compact 3W RGB LED fiber light of a total of 2 meters.

Set the desired color and effect with the included wireless remote control. Of course, it is also possible to change the brightness and speed of the effects.

230V transformer for connection in the home and DC-connector round, male for connecting in the car (12V) is included.

This is connected over an existing 4A fuse in the car.

NOTE: The diode unit must be positioned so that there is enough air around the unit. It should not be placed close together with other objects as there is a risk of heat generation which damages the product.


The following comes in one set:

  • 2 meter LED fiber light for starry sky effect
  • Wireless remote control
  • Transformer (230V to 12V adapter)
  • DC-connector round, male
  • English user manual


Dimensions of the box on the cord:

  • Length: 79,5mm
  • Width: 32mm
  • Height: 22mm


Dimensions of the round coupling:

  • Length: 55mm
  • Diameter: 31mm


Cable DC connector: Plus (+) is the one with dash on it, the one with the text is minus (-)

Technical information
Color Multi colored (RGB)
Warranty 12 Months
Manufacturer NA
Unit pkt
Length (mm) 2 meter
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