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Solid work light 63W (Flood, 5040 lumen)

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 LEDSON Solid has 5040 lumen of light!
 9 pc strong 7W Cree-diodes
 LOTS of light with 120 degree spread

Approximately 1 dm width and height gives this light a robust character, but be sure that the brightness exceeds its size!



  • Brightness: 5040 lumen
  • 9 st 7W Cree-diodes
  • With DT connector
  • Voltage: 9-43V
  • Light scattering: 120 grader
  • Adjustable bracket
  • EMC secured
  • IP67 (water proof)
  • Color temperature of 6000K (white light)
  • Housing in powder coated metal


Measurents & weight:

  • Width: 97 mm
  • Height: (incl bracket): 120 mm
  • Depth: 75 mm
  • Weight: 795 gram


NOTE: The DT connector must not be cut because of increased risk of moisture damage and the warranty will cease to apply. DT connector (male) with joint is included with the product.

Technical information
Manufacturer Ledson
Color Xenon white
Warranty 36 Månader
Number of contacts 1 x DT-connector
Use of power 17,4 W (12V) - 31,92 W (24V)
Width 97 mm
Unit st
Dispersion Array
Light flux 5040 lumen
Cable length 480 mm
Depth 70 mm
Power usage 12V/24V 1,45A / 1,33A
Height 120 mm (inkl fäste)
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