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Sideview LED strip (1 SMD/cm), 12V, indoors

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 Single coloured sideview LED strip
 Indoor use only
 Many colours and lengths to choose from

Flexible sideview LED-strip with a single colour. The strip has SMD (surface mounted diodes), which gives a lot of light with a big dispersion. These diodes are mounted on the "side" of the LED-strip, so that the light shines "along" the surface it is mounted upon. This makes the strip very suitable for customizing lamps or providing downlight inside the vehicle. The strip is very thin, so it's easy to mount it as well. 

It has a adhesive backside, so you do not need to use screws or plugs. 



  • Voltage: 12V
  • Available lengths: 0,1 m, 0,3 m, and 0,5 metres
  • Width: 5 mm
  • Thickness: 1,5 mm
  • Cable: 0,5 meter
  • Sold: Individually
  • It's possible to shorten the strip at the marked cuts
  • 1 diode every ~1 cm


Technical information
Warranty 12 Månader
Manufacturer Ledson
Dispersion Array
Use of power 2,04 W
Width 5 mm
Height 2 mm
Power usage 12V/24V 0,17 A
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