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Poppy-package with running USB light

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From €28.09 From €22.47
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Complete package with Poppy + Ledson USB light plate
Unique atmosphere with red or blue light in the cable
Choose between 11 different scents and find just your favorite!


The latest in Poppy accessories from Ledson - when a regular light plate is not enough, you want more light! This LED plate, which is powered via USB, is characterized by a "running" light effect in the cable, which adds a whole new dimension of lighting to your Poppys! Contains a complete package with optional Poppy fragrance and light plate!

Super easy to use, there is nothing you need to adjust but you just plug the cable into your USB port and both the LED plate and your running light cable lights up. Smooth and easy!

Do you lack USB in your vehicle? Then see our USB quick charger cigg plug (2 x USB ports) which also works as a quick charger for your mobile phone!


  • Optional Poppy fragrance
  • Poppy light plate with red or blue light
  • Red or blue automatic "flowing" light effect in the cable
  • Cable length: 200 cm
  • Operated via USB port
  • Equipped with 5 LEDs
  • 3M tape included
  • No control, less to think about!
Technical information
Warranty 12 Months
Manufacturer Ledson
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