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Mini RGB controller (12-24V)

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 Controller & remote in a miniature format!
 Works with RGB Flexistrip 12 & 24V
 Control mode, speed and color

This controller replaces both controller and remote and allows you to control your RGB Flexistrip to change between modes, speed and color. Works with both 12V RGB Flexistrip SKU 4203007 and 24V RGB Flexistrip SKU 4403007Very small format if you want to save space and be able to hide the controller when not in use.



  • One end: Connect the Mini RGB plus and minus cable to a power source
  • Other end: Connect plugged pin included with RGB Flexistrip between Mini RGB and Flexistrip
Technical information
Warranty 12 Months
Voltage 12-24 V
Manufacturer Ledson
Unit st
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