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Remote light filter for Venom LED 150mm (crystal blue, clear)

From €28.59 €22.87
From €28.59 From €22.87
Retailer price From €28.59 Retailer price From €22.87

 Remote filter for environment and protection
 Choose between clear or crystal blue
 Fits Lightforce Venom LED 150mm

  • Amber provides increased contrast and better visibility in dusty environments.
  • Crystal blue is the most popular color and raises the color temperature of the light, which makes it slightly whiter. The light then comes very close to a xenon bulbs color temperature, that is, a more daylight-like light. Steals little effect.
  • Clear filter protects the lens and does not steal any light.

Light filter fits Lightforce Venom LED 150mm part 63161555

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Manufacturer Lightforce
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