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LED-bulb, 12V, 7440 / W21W, 12 x SMD - Red

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 Common bulb in japanese cars
Socket/base: 7440 / W21W
 Equivalent to about 25W

Powerful LED-bulb with 12 diodes that provide an intense red light. The base is W21W, which is also called 7440. This type of lamp only has one mode, which means you need to have a seperate tail light, since this bulb fits as brake light. The light is equivalent to 25W.

The diodes are placed around the bulb, illuminating both the reflector but also straight back which means it provides excellent visibility. Since the light is red, the bulb works great with lamps either with white, clear or red glass.



  • Colour: Red
  • Base/socket: 7440 / W21W
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Equivalent: ca 25W
  • Dispersion/spread: 360 degrees
  • Supplied: Supplied
  • Excellent fit as: Brakelight
  • CANBUS built in: No
  • Measurements: 20x62 mm (DxH)
Technical information
Manufacturer Ledson
Color Red
Warranty 12 Months
Socket W21W
Unit st
Dispersion Array
Diameter (mm) 20 mm
Height 61 mm
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